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version: 0.3


0.3 finally released - May 15th 2003 - Tobias
Version 0.3 has just been released containing a brand new GUI. New options are also available to the user. You can for example choose exactly what tracks to update, instead of just which album.

Now we're heading towards extended functionality when it comes to backing up data before changing anything, even more options and the ability to save what you have downloaded so that you don't have to be online everytime you use the program.

0.2 is out - April 7th 2003 - Tobias
Version 0.2 of MP3Tagger has been released. The new version features full support for ID3v1 tags, and basic support for ID3v2.
Next version will probably not be released for another month or so, because it will include a GUI and hopefully full support for ID3v2.

First release - March 27th 2003 - Tobias
Well, the first release is out, and it's version 0.1. It was actually released the 24th, but the homepage hasn't been ready until now. Many thanks to Christoffer_V for making the layout. Logo